The Doctor’s Plot

Mikhail Kalinin presenting Andrei Zhdanov with the Order of Alexander Suvorov of the first grade in the Kremlin with Colonel General A Shcherbakov.

Sunday 15 November 2019

2pm – 5pm

Red Lion Square Meeting Hall

Tresham House, Red Lion Square,
London WC1R 4RE
[2 minute walk from Holborn Tube Station]

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The ‘Doctors Plot’ refers to allegations made against a group of doctors who worked in the Soviet Union and were accused of purposely providing poor treatment to notable leaders of the USSR.

The plot became a popular piece of anti-communist propaganda for three chief reasons. Firstly, because the doctors were said to have plotted against some of the most well-known Soviet leaders including Shcherbakov and Zhdanov who died in the mid to late 1940’s. Secondly, the case against the doctors was laid immediately prior to J V Stalin’s death, was dropped almost immediately afterwards and was seemingly one of a number of tumultuous events around this time. Thirdly, some of those accused were jewish. This aspect has led to wild accusations that Stalin was anti-semitic and furthermore, that the Soviet Union was anti-semitic.

Paul Cannon will give an overview of the Doctor’s Plot and lead a discussion on it’s significance.